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I think you are thinking of an "E-bow."


I second that opinion.


General question:


Can anyone recommend a good capo to use with a Tele?


I use Kyser's on my acoustics and they seem to work excellent.

However, when I use one on my Tele, it messes up the intonation.

I have also tried a Dunlop strap type and it sucks to.

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Shubbs are great. They take a bit longer to put on than a Kyser and you can't leave them clamped to the headstock like a Kyser, but they really center well on the fret and clamp snugly.




Thanks I'll check them out.


Are electrics more sensitive to the pressure exerted on the strings than acoustics?

It seems like tele's are extremely sensitive to capos, could it be the large radius neck or the style of bridge or a combination of the two?

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