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Whistling Jesus

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I've given a stab at tabbing this new Loose Fur song, which I think is kinda cool. It seems right to me, but I'm open to suggestion on changes.




He [E] resurfaced on the sidewalk on my [A] block, the other day [D]

Well, it's a [E]fact check, sorry, Charlie, [A]honey he's back from [D]L.A.

[F#m]So son you better turn it around, [G]Christ is on his way across [E]town,

He was [G]getting tired of hanging [E]around,

Well, he's [E] back Jack, smoking crack, [A]find him if you want to get [D]found.

He's having [E] supper with the upper manage[A]ment of a new regime [D]

He's in a [E] new jacket, tax bracket, [A] sandals and a dark pair of [D] jeans.

[F#m]He's got deductions all down the line, dependent [G] claims on all of man[E]kind


[E]Have no fear he's right here [A]drinking beer, just trying to get [D]down.





Yeah he [E] resurfaced on the sidewalk on [A] my block, the other [D] day


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