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Hey Chicken Tab?

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I haven't tried to play it but it has that one part of the song that has the exact same riff from Theologians.. Which would leave me to believe that it is a drop-d tuning.


I dont play Theologians in drop D - am I missing something?

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Ya'll are part of the way right. Tune your guitar to DGDGBE (drop E and A strings down to D and G). I don't want to get into tabbing it all out right now, plus I don't have it all figured out just yet, but I figure that this should get you started.



E |---------------------------------------

B |---------------------------------------

G |-10-8--4--2--------7--7--7--5--5--7--7-

D |-8--8--0--0--7--5--0-----0--5--5--0----

G |-8--8--0--0--5--5--0-----0--5--5--0----

D |---------------------------------------




You give the D note (g string, 7th fret) a bit of a bend and a shake on that last bit.

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