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Jeff Tweedy at the Hotel S 'n' S -- 4/8/06

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For the time being, I'll just provide a setlist:


Someday, Some Morning, Sometime

Not For The Season

All The Same To Me


Blue-Eyed Soul

A Magazine Called Sunset

--good night, Miles--

I'm Beginning To See The Light [Harry James] (for Miles)

Hey Chicken (fragment)

No More Poetry

You Were Wrong

If That's Alright (stopped and restarted)

Lost Love

Henry And The H-Bombs [ian Hunter]

The Ruling Class

--pee break--

Fatal Wound (w/Dave Mirabella [MeDave] on guitar)

I Must Be High

Kamera (w/Martin Rivas [Twisted Acres] on guitar)

Is That The Thanks I Get?

Walk Where He Walked

James Alley Blues (almost the whole thing) [Richard "Rabbit" Brown]

Hotel Arizona (almost the whole thing)

Please Tell My Brother (long-distance request from Jeff's mom and dad and Cleo, the dog)


--Jeff talks to Cleo via cell phone--

New Madrid

Walk On [Neil Young]

Red-Eyed and Blue>I Got You (At The End of the Century)

We've Been Had

The Long Cut

Radio King

Forget The Flowers

I'm Always in Love


Say You Miss Me

Outtasite (Outta Mind)

I'm The Man Who Loves You

I Can't Keep From Talking

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I'm finally awake again, and would like to most heartily thank Jeff for indulging our whims for a second year in a row, because it was fantastic. I think the work-in-progress Walken makes me even happier every time I hear it, and You Were Wrong made me cry only a little.


And the new glasses are killer.


And I'm also extremely grateful to Mart and Dave and Chandler for picking up where Jeff left off in the indulgent department, and leading the whole gang of us in singing our hearts out until who-knows-when in the morning. That kind of stuff is pretty much what I live for.


I imagine a detail or two will spring to mind as the days go by, but for right now I'll just mention that we had a sparkly backdrop behind the stage, which definitely matched the sparkly mood.


I miss you all already.

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Just rolled out of bed and this is all just starting to sink in. Life just doesn't get any better than a room filled with good music and good friends. I'll admit that I shed a few wistful, happy tears when I first woke up this morning.


(I'm still half asleep, so I'll probably have more to say later.)


Thanks to Jeff and Susan for making this possible, Sam n' Sooz for being such wonderful hosts, and the rest of you crazy, beautiful freaks for just being the wonderful people that you are. :cheekkiss

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yes, this was the 3rd letters for santa show.


HUGE thanks to jeff for playing if thats alright. that song would be so awesome full band (or with nels and mike?) with all the atmospheric sounds. :sigh:


it was so fun seeing everyone and having such a good time and a full tummy :)

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Dearest Wendy,



:wub :yay :wub :yay


It doesn't compare to actually being there, but hearing "Radio King" through the telephone is certainly one of my favorite phone calls ever.


Congrats to everyone who was able to attend this show... the set list is spectacular.



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There was a beautiful sunrise this morning. I'm not one who's usually awake for the sunrise, but during my drive home I got to see the whole thing. It was the perfect end to the day, I think. Like Judy said, it's kind of all just sinking in now that I'm awake again for the second start to my Sunday.


Thanks so much to Jeff and Susan for doing this two years in a row, and for being generous enough to do it three times this year. I was thinking later that I knew we thanked Jeff, but I could remember if I really thanked Jeff. (I don't mean that in a Stardog kind of way.) So thank you.


If forced to pick out song highlights, I always love hearing "All the Same to Me" (hi Walrus!), and "The Long Cut," and ... no, I really can't do it. I also don't think I've ever laughed so much during a concert. (Not during the songs! Well, mostly not.)


Another huge thanks to Dave Mirabella and Martin "Detective Ron Tugnutt" Rivas for starting the evening off in style, and to the two of them and Chandler for bringing it all home in the wee hours of the morning. And to all of my co-dancers to "Raspberry Beret" - we should be video stars.


Finally, to Sooz and Sam for making their home my second home for yet another weekend and for giving all of this wonderful music a place to happen. And to each and every one my friends not already mentioned by name above - I love you guys.


Some pictures soon...

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had a fantastic weekend - it couldn't have been better - what with the awesome spread of food (wait - we like to eat well? I never knew!), good friends, cozy home with animals, intimate living room and our favorite music. I am overwhelmed with comfort and joy from the laughs and camaraderie. Thanks everyone - especially Jeff and Susan - for coming together, contributing to a life-memorable weekend and fun musical time. It was made extra special seeing a couple good buddies play up there with our musical hero.


I think we need more nights like these - singing and dancing and playing good ol' tunes until the wee hours of the night. Can't wait until next time!



Now I'm going down for a nap. The sun came way to early this morning. zzzzz....

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