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Pitchfork article about mining music tastes...

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Don't know if anyone else has read this: http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/features/wee...ourselves.shtml but it makes quite interesting reading...


Basically it's about companies/websites that are mining our music tastes to suggest new bands.


I've just logged onto Pandora and put Wilco in and I'm going to see what it suggests...


Well worth a read over a cuppa as it's quite long.

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Just checked it out. It looks pretty cool - though I could be on there for hours....

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I don't like it. For the simple fact that no matter who I put in, 3 songs later I always ended up with Big Country. Bagpipes are wrong. Making your guitar sound like a bagpipe is wronger.


Who you starting with? I want to hear that Big Country sound... (ahhh.... remembers growing up with those records)

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Started with The Stone Roses and Arcade Fire. Both, somehow, ended up with Big Country.



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So... Pandora...


Started with Wilco "Blue Eyed Soul"

and it's subsequently given me:


Cake "Walk On By"

Superchunk "1,000 pounds" (really liked this!)


Foxymorons - who were so good, I've just ordered the album!


I plugged in Wilco also, and it started with "Company in My Back," then played Jeff Rolka, Jason Anderson, and Michael Zapruder. I've heard of Anderson but not the other two. I could hear the resemblances to Wilco even though the songs were all a little bland for my taste. Plugging in Jim O'Rourke got me a bunch of obscure experimental stuff rather than music similar to "Eureka" or "Insignficance," so that was interesting too.


I can see I'm going to spend a lot of time playing with this thing...

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