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Tweedy on Paste List

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Late to this party -- a coworker just loaned this issue to me and I found the Tweedy write-up:


"We made it, so it's ours to destroy," Jeff Tweedy once said. He was referring to Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot--where the Chicago band reconstructed the songwriter's folk psyche amidst anthemic chaos--but he could be speaking of his career. Emerging from the imploding alt.country of Uncle Tupelo, Tweedy--aided by his iconic weathered, cracking voice--has drawn on deep-rooted Americana while continuously evolving with his musical surroundings. His lyrics match his music, often rhyming word-game surreality ("all these telescopic poems") with pure ache ("it's good to be alone"). Over the years, he's established a vast, moody catalog of introspective rockers ("Pot Kettle Black," "Shot In The Arm") and heartbroken, abstract ballads ("She's A Jar," "Ashes of American Flags"). Since Tweedy hit his stride four albums ago on Being There, he hasn't faltered, and with new songs like "Maybe the Sun Will Shine Today" and "Walken" debuting on Wilco's spring tour, plus the hyper-catchy stream-of-consciousness flow of "The Ruling Class" (From his Loose Fur side project), it appears his prime is far from over.


I was disappointed to see that the editor's didn't list Jay Farrar or Son Volt, but the readers' list put them at #69.

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