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Now playing 19th June 2006

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:cheers - nice piece.


Liked this bit:

It's interesting you bring up Monty Python," notes Bellamy, surprisingly agreeably. "There's a definite Englishness to what we do, playing with eccentric ideas. Sometimes, even I step back and go: 'That's a bit silly, isn't it?' Maybe calling a song Knights of Cydonia is, in itself, acknowledging that this is a bit funny, particularly when we are pushing the epic side of the band to almost comical levels.


"Bands tend to take themselves very seriously, but we often turn into a bunch of giggling schoolboys when we're together, because we were giggling schoolboys when we started. I think the giggle factor is quite healthy. Both on stage and in the studio, there's an element of not really giving a damn. There's a lot of freedom in being able to laugh at yourself."


Which disproves whats normally levelled at them, that they're aloof and up their own arses... Great stuff...


And in honour:




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I'd like to see that film (like a series of linked videos covering his songs in English by other artists) "Jacques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris" again one day. Just caught it on TV ages ago and it left an impression.


Also need to thank you for the recommendation on 155468m.jpg

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