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Greenland --Released june 2006


Something You Ain't Got


Where Have Those Days Gone

Fluffy Lucy

The Riverside

Gimme One More Chance

I'm So Glad She Ain't Never Coming Back

Sidi Ifni

I Need Better Friends


Night Falls

Better Times Are Coming Our Way

Everybody Gets One For Free

Darling We're Out Of Time

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(disclosure = another former Cracker fanboy here)


I like it a lot - its no brand, kerosene or golden, but it might be up there above gentlemen's blues and certainly countrysides... i guess because its so close on the heels of Palmhenge, its sadly lacking in johnny vocals or songwriting, but he shines on the guitar anyhow. If you like cracker at all you won't be upset to own this...


also - they are on their first major tour as cracker alone (no camper or strange half show configurations) in years this month - check em out.

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I had no idea! I love this band, last time I saw them they had an awesome chic baass player, is she still around?


Sadly not for a couple years (or more?)


I remember being bitterly disappointed to go back to a show and not see her there. I really dug her vocals on a couple of the Brand New Day tracks (not to mention she wasn't too hard on the eyes). But they still rock.

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