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NP for the week of 7/11 (OMG SLURPEE!!$!)

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I bought this yesterday and, while I haven't listened to a lot of stuff this year, it is currently my favorite thing i've heard so far. Ragged beauty. Fucking awesome.


:cheers I agree, it's still my favorite full length of the year.

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if i were to let you have a copy, you'd certainly pass it along to m. chris...and then other people that like the band would get copies and then all these people would be listening to the album and then where would that leave me? how would i be special then? huh? would you be "teh sad" for me?


epic emo

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Second favorite thing i've listened to:


Citrus - Asobi Seksu


Also excellent. That climbed way up my list fast. I downloaded and after a few listens I was going store to store looking for a real copy.

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it is really great, fuck Pitchfork in their fucking asses


i love all but 2 tracks


Movie Monster and TV Torso, right? Those two would be my least favorite. I don't really like TV Torso but Movie Monster is fine withing the context of the album, but not something I'd skip forward to hear on it's own. Putting those two songs back-to-back would be something I'd change about the album. And if TV Torso could be replaced with The Fastest Man Alive from the Work EP the album would be pretty hard to beat.


I knew the pitchfork review was going to be dumb when I read this part, "Like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah last year, Sound Team open things with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it song fragment". He makes it seem like ST put in that intro because CYHSY did. And that it was original when CYHSY but not now. He sticks to that same theme though the rest of the review.


Some guy emailed Marc Hogan about his review and posted his response here.

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I have "Into the Lens" and "Marathon LP". Are those the ones?




I've been playing this album like crazy the past couple weeks. :music

yep... PM on the way ;)


i need to check them out, they're here soon w/ someone else decent

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what'd you think of Squeeze?


Honestly, I haven't been able to listen to it yet! I am out of town and away from my PC. I'm on my laptop now. I'm visiting my brother who is a huge VU fan and he wanted a copy, but I had to leave town yesterday morning, he's on dial-up and was out of cd-r's. So, I will get to it when I get home. We had a big long discussion about the VU last night, so I was kicking myself for being out of cd-r's.

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