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What are the chances Wilco would play DBoon if I held up a sign????

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Perhaps another approach is possible. Maybe if someone compiled via Wilcobase, a list of songs that have either never been played or haven't been played for years and got it to Jeff, he would consider some of those as possibilities for solo shows. He mixes up solo shows very, very well. I mean hell I heard Dash 7 in NY last year and it was only the fifth or so time it has ever been played. Anyway, it would be a neat list to look at.

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That song might very well be the low point of Still Feel Gone. Which, otherwise, is the best thing Uncle Tupelo ever did.


I'm not too familiar with the titles but I always felt D Boone sounded too much like the song either right before or after it. The complicated time things going on in the middle of the album kind of lose me.


BTW, according to allmusic, one of the themes of Still Feel Gone is "Guys Night Out." Awesome. :cheers

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