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yeah poor places and reservations would be great.


my list:

hotel arizona

when you wake up feeling old

my darling

say you miss me

sunken treasure

what's the world got in store

Why would you wanna live

the lonely 1

cars can't escape

pieholden suite

at my window sad and lonely

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I just moved and am waiting for my dad to go with me to get a wireless router we can both agree on. So my computer isn't hooked up right now (hopefully within the next few days). I have a soundboard version of the old Spiders from Seattle in '02 that sounds excellent. If you haven't gotten it from someone by then, I'll try uploading it.


sweet, thanks, tell your dad to hurry :P

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I just went to the Florence. MA. show, and that is my 4th show this year. I want to hear just about anything but the Kicking TV set lists! I love a lot of those songs, but have a hard time understanding why they keep it so limited with so many great songs. I know they don't cater to tour heads, but please mix it up!!!!


Anything off of AM, Hotel Arizona, Outtasite, Sunken Treasure, Someone Else's Song, Why Would You Wanna Live, The Lonely 1, She's a Jar, I'm Always in Love, ELT, Summer Teeth, Kamera, Pot Kettle Black, Reservations, Company in my Back, I'm a Wheel and the new best live song: Walken.

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