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i was at the pub before...

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me and a friend went across before for a few :beer cause there are 2 new hot girls working there... so we went for P&P (pint & perv)... nothing out of ordinary.


there was a private function in there where some suit/tie clad people were sitting around. they had this guy playing guitar and singing stuff (the only song i knew was First cut's the deepest). anyway, he was playing this gibson 12 string... when he took a small break, i pointed out the guitar to my friend. he overhjeard me and cames over. said he needs to take a shit and asked whether i wanna plya something to them in the meantime..


i didnt want to but my friend forced me up and a staff member that knows me also started badgeringg me. so, i went up and belted out Gun for them... i got a few claps and a few polite smiles... damn it sounds weird on a 12 string...


theni went back to the table we were at and noticed a fistfight outisdre between 2 construction workers that are building a crapark next door... cools stuff that went for a minute or so till it got broken up.. hows that for what a crapopy morning turned into! :lol

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