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Sound Check Vol. 1 Digital Download Sampler

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Can any one please help with the artist track list and source for the Sound Check Vol. 1 Digital Download Sampler on the music direct site.


I bought some Wilco stuff and got this download as a bonus and i can't figure out who all the artist are or where the live songs were recorded.


thanks for any help offered.



here is the track list:


Mr High and Mighty

Hamoa Beach

Cosmic Charlie


Rhyme & Reason - Dave Matthews

How to Fight Loneliness- Wilco


Heart and Soul

Taught To Be Proud

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jolene is dolly parton

cosmic charlie is grateful dead

nemo should be umphries mcgee ( cant say I care for them but I somehow know this)



Jolene is my favorit track in the collection but it's a male singer and this track is live.

Cosmic Charlie sounds like the Dead

Nemo is a pretty cool song too, I'll cross check the Umphries mcgee web page if they have one


thanks for the help!



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Heart and Soul=Huey Lewis and the News

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The track listings and cover are can be found here:






Thanks! how in the hell did you find that link? Every search i did came up with nothing.


I figured someone here could help. Thanks!


BTW this is one outstanding collections. By offering it as a bonus it just sold me on Ray LaMongage.

Go get a wilco t-shirt or spend $30 on wilco world and grab this collection. That tune alone is worth the download!



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i'm not sure. Have the Stripes cover it? it's only a male singer, don't the Stripes have a female singer as well?


Only Jack sings it. I'm pretty sure it's a White Stripes version.

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