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Jeff's Killer Red Hollow Body Guitar

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I really like the sound that comes out of Jeff's red hollow-body guitar he's been playing on this recent tour. Is that a Gibson? He most prominently played it on Walken at the recent Pines Theater show (Florence, MA). He may have used it on another tune as well but Walken definitely sticks in my mind especially with the intense electric guitar sounds throughout that song.



I love that %*$#ing thing. It barks out those riffs really well and Jeff plays it great. Your thoughts on this guitar?

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It's a Gibson Barney Kessel model, and it both looks and sounds incredible.


We also have a gear sub-forum here" "Solid State Technology" - come and check it out



was it this one? That's the Barney Kessel



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I was at the Florence, MA show and that guitar looked sweet from where I stood too. A real beauty. Nice shot of Jeff wearing the headband. It was so hot. He didn't abandon his classic sportsjacket, even when it was in the mid 90s and humid. What a trooper. Kickass show too!

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