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Age - 42

Occupation - Front Line Leader with a large insurance company headquartered in Louisville, KY

I live near Madison, WI


I dig Wilco, UT, Son Volt, Jay Farrar, BRox, Neil Young, Beatles, Monkees, Kate Bush, Sun Kil Moon


I have a scar on an elbow that I broke catching a shoplifter while I was on vacation in Portland, OR, almost twenty years ago.

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Age: 38 and three-quarters

Gig: managing editor, Mid-Hudson Post Pioneer

Tats: the word "aum" in Sanskrit on left forearm; line design of Tree of Gondor on right upper arm.

Scars: On on right eyebrow, after running my head into some concrete at age 12 at a Boy Scout roast beef dinner.


Wilco had been on my scope since '95 or so. I had bought Mermaid Ave. and enjoyed it, but wasn't really inspired to get into them more. (I was listening to a lot of Britpop back then - I was the first kid on the block to be in to Coldplay) I bought YHF in September 2001 as more of an act to support their anti-corporate stance than an appreciation for their music, but I was really knocked out by it and have gone on to buy, with real U.S. currency, all their studio releases and Kicking Television too. I really feel they're the best band in America currently operating.

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31/M/Chicago. Not normally interested in boards. If you read this thread through you may understand why. The posts on topic are genuine, and inspiring that so many of you love Wilco as much as I do.


I found Wilco in a backwards way. Grew up in Chicago, in high school for UT's years (89-93). Spent my youth listening to the great singer songwriters. Lennon, Harrison, McCartney, Dylan, Brian Wilson, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon. As college turned to real life and Wilco was releasing great albums I was listening to great albums by Pumpkins, Beck, Radiohead, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Urge Overkill, Sublime, Pearl Jam, U2, White Stripes, Weezer, Beasties, Tribe, etc. occasionally hearing Wilco songs thanks to XRT. Music has always been my main passion and has helped define me as a person as well as definitive life periods. So by early 2004 after years of hearing about wilco, and even taking yoga classes with JS without really knowing who he was, I decided it was time to hear what all the hype was about. I had a void in my life and to say it was filled by YHF is a MAJOR understatement. Within months, BT, ST, AGIB both MA's, and now all UT, Smog, Autumn Defense, and on and on. Sometimes I get angry that it took me so long to find them being someone who claims to like music. But I am more than making up for lost time. I promised myself after Palooza that I would listen to other music, but with another show coming to Indiana in October and the boys tireless touring, I may continue only listenting to Wilco for the forseeable future. They are to my adult life what the Beatles were to my childhood.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I truly love the band and feel connected that so many of you do as well.

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Not normally interested in boards. If you read this thread through you may understand why.



:hmm Everyone here shares a love for music in general,sarcasam keeps these threads alive.I learned more about music in the past two years at VC than most any of my friends had to offer.I think of sarcasam as a friendly way of making new friends,I normaly try not to make friends in music unless they know their shit,I think VC has alot to offer,You've taught me alot.............thanks guys. :wub

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I live in Austin and I'm 23, male. I got into Wilco in 2002 after a friend mentioned Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. And I've been registered on this board for three years now which is hard to imagine.


I love way too much music to list, classic rock, great punk, classical, post-rock, ambient, just on and on.



I play in a band, it's actually my band as I write all the songs and manage everything and our record should be done in November. http://www.myspace.com/alifelikenoother

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