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Golden Smog & Jeff Info?

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I'm very new to Golden Smog---but was wondering if someone can help me out...


MY BIG QUESTION: Which songs does Jeff sing on--on all of the Golden Smog releases?



Also, does anyone have a suggestion on which order I should pick them up?



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Only two songs (on the first two albums) even have links to lyrics/credits--"Radio King" and "Lost Love" (and this link doesn't work). I know there's more than that. And then there's the latest album...


On the new CD Jeff is credited with co-writing "Long Time Ago," where he sings lead, and "Listen Joe," where he sings backup. He also sings the Kinks cover of "Strangers." He has some credits for backup vocals and some guitar on a few other tracks, but that pretty much covers it.


Don't get caught up in just what Jeff was on or you'll miss some gems. I've been irked reading reviews of this CD how many reviewers lead with Jeff when he had such a small part in it. Or, my fav., when they write about the song he wrote about his "little sister." Nope, he has no younger siblings. That's Gary's little sis, I believe, even though Jeff sings the song ("Long Time Ago.").


Anyway, loving the Smog - I was lucky enough to be in Minneapolis for the show two weeks ago.


I'm too lazy to go through the other 2 CDs' credits for you. Just buy 'em; they're worth it. The new one is my current fav., but Weird Tales is probably the best first purchase for a newbie.



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