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Muzzle of Bees - BTS Chicago

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Fantastic performance! Although it stops playing about halfway through...Nevertheless, fantastic

Works for me.


I wish Nels guitar had that kind of tone in Impossible Germany, it'd be so much better. :hmm


Nels and Glenn look like they're there to kick ass and take names, Pat and Mike are like from that nice, clean, well-behaved Christian "rock and roll group" your parents kept wishing you'd listen to instead of those awful sex pistols, and I'm not sure they ever really showed John. Jeff is of course flying the dorky sportscoat so he looks like their dad.

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Does anyone know how to convert these YouTubes into iPod friendly videos?
Go to keepvid.com and input the address of the video you want to keep. It then outputs a couple of options for you to save the video as. I think one of them is an ipod video. I don't remember what the ipod video file extension is, though. You might also want to get the free Riva flv encoder. Just google it. That encoder can change the native file extension of those movies to pretty much whatever you want. Hope that helps!!
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