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"A Long Time Ago"

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Alright so I just finally got the new Golden Smog this past week and it's pretty good, but probably comes in well behind the other two full lengths. However, the Tweedy penned, "A Long Time Ago," just tears me apart. Thematically it's similar to "Please Tell My Brothers," but damn I might like it even more than that song, which I think is excellent. I mean I just listened to it four times in a row. Oh Yeah, "Corvette," is one of the most ridiculously catchy songs I've ever heard in my life. It might be even more infectious than "The Ruling Class." Should Tweedy be saving some of his side project gems for Wilco?

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I guess this one actually goes back a few years, Song # 21. Anyone have this show? Is the version from three years ago pretty much the same as the GS version?



2003-05-16 Jeff Tweedy Martyr's Martyr's home page Chicago, IL

1. My Words 2. At Least That's What You Said 3. Panthers (Proving Death Again) 4. Muzzle Of Bees 5. Be Not So Fearful 6. Remember The Mountain Bed 7. Bob Dylan's 49th Beard 8. I'm The Man Who Loves You 9. Airline To Heaven 10. You're Really Gone 11. Millionaire 12. Heavy Metal Drummer 13. Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit) 14. Misunderstood 15. Poor Places 16. More Like The Moon 17. Theologians 18. A Shot In The Arm 19. Company In My Back 20. Hummingbird 21. A Long Time Ago 22. War On War 23. Kicking Television 24. I'm A Wheel

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