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Brian Wilson "Surf's Up (solo piano version)"

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I was reading Pf's top 200 songs of the '60s and was interested in hearing the following:


Brian Wilson: "Surf's Up (solo piano version)"

(Van Dyke Parks/Brian Wilson)


Chart info: U.S. (N/A), UK (N/A)

Available on Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys


I looked on Oink to download just this song but can't tell which version on that box set is being referenced here. Anyone know? There seem to be three versions on it and AMG is no help either. Thanks.

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I think it is the one on Disc two.



18. Our Prayer (Previously Unreleased)

19. Heroes And Villains (Alternate Version)

20. Heroes And Villains (Sections) (Previously Unreleased)

21. Wonderful (Previously Unreleased)

22. Cabinessence

23. Wind Chimes (Previously Unreleased)

24. Heroes And Villains (Intro) (Previously Unreleased)

25. Do You Like Worms (Previously Unreleased)

26. Vegetables (Previously Unreleased)

27. I Love To Say Da Da (Previously Unreleased)

28. Surf's Up (Previously Unreleased)

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Is there a version floating around when he played on tv to Leonard Bernstein, who was kind enough to say he liked it or some such thing? Maybe they are talking about that. I remember seeing it on some documentary and it had an impact enough that I remember it now, so it must have been pretty good. The version on the Good Vibrations boxset is very enjoyable, but I actually prefer the version on Surf's Up - what do pitchfork know, anyway?

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That is on something - maybe I am thinking of one of those BB video history anthology things.







And Bernstein didn't limit himself to endorsing classical music only -- indeed, he spoke favorably of the music of the Beatles, and, in a 1966 CBS television special, introduced the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson performing the sublimely beautiful song "Surf's Up" at the piano.



the clip is one of these

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