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Sunrise in my backyard this morning

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More often than you'd care for I take it. ;)


I should get a job writing for that show - I have stories that people would think were made up - but they are real. I think the first one would be about the day long email chain on whether the copy machine should be left on or turned off every night.

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I have made an exception for that show, as my former roommate encouraged my daughter to watch it, and before I knew it...we were all watching it.


It's a travesty. :no


I did not think I would ever watch another comedy after Seinfeld went off the air, but I think that show and My Name Is Earl are great.

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I hope there's a TV in the restaurant bar.




If you bring it, it will rain.

If you leave it, it will be sunny.



PM (with "attachment") on the way.



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