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Sunrise in my backyard this morning

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Some people just walked past my house.





the only problem with your house is the location. you need at least 1 mile of homes between yours and a cemetary. good emergency planning.

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p_report.gif p_report.gif p_report.gif


No, seriously, who the hell actually uses that thing?

"People do, you know."

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well I took WMF's advice and had chinese for lunch earlier today. Since the waiter brought me two fortune cookies, I figured I was entitled to open them both.


#1 "You are inclined to come up with unconventional solutions."


#2 "Be careful what you wish for - you just might get it."






I'm no attorney, but, wait a minute. Strike that.


I am suspicious about the liability-limiting language in these so-called fortunes. What gives? What are the chinese up to and how come they can't give me a fortune with some confidence?

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I think kidsmoke should get 11 out of 10 status as well.


I'm just sayin'.


So, this is very sweet & made my day. :cheekkiss And to think that a few of you even agreed (and the rest of you managed to hold your tongues and apple chunks!).....seriously, I'm touched.


Also, I'm in agreeance about ms yvon being a lowdown cool refrigerator. But she missed a really really really great show the other night.....


Evonne! Envelopes send a hello, and I've got you a nice souvenir......it's an ice cube from my "Banana Hammer" drink ("Banana Hammock", Henrik or somebody called it, heehee :P ....we said no, that's only after you've had a few.....)


ok, no, it isn't really an ice cube from my drink. It's a nice little souvenir & you'll like it! :w00t :yes

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