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My Retirement Party

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The end of my reign has come and it's time to usher in a new regime to VC. It gives me great pleasure, and relief, to hand over the keys to Solace. He's been the nuts and bolts of this place for some time now and he will continue to do so from now on. I can rest easy knowing he will remain at the helm after I am gone. Send him a thanks if you get a chance. I know I will.


I've never been one for long goodbyes or sentimental farewells but I'll take a few moments to shed a few tears on my way out the door. VC has been a part of my life for over five years. I was there from the beginning and pushed through all the struggles to get this place hopping with the help of some good people. It certainly could not have been done without the original founder and co-owner, LLP. He's long since removed himself from the ranks but without him this place wouldn't even be here. I'll always be grateful for the chance he gave me and this site to create a great fan and trading community. One that wasn't available at the time.


Along the way some others were extremely helpful in getting this place to where it is now. The roots of VC will always be planted in gratitude for Jane (TimeLineChick). Together LLP, Jane and I sold our souls to create some buzz around this place and her setlists page. The prize back then was a spot on the links page at Wilcoworld. Luckily for us Wilco is one helluva supportive band. They took good care of us, gave us interviews and treated us with respect. A special thanks to Ken at Wilcoworld for being there for us in many ways. He made us, and me, feel like this place was an important link between the band and its fans. I am confident that the link will continue.


I'd also like to thank Derek and Jake from Glorious Noise. They helped us out in the early days considerably by letting us host the site until we could fly on our own. They were very instrumental in promoting the site and supporting it.


There's too many members to thank that's for sure. Especially from the early days. I'll always have a special place in my heart for Donna and Mart for being admins extraordinaires. Donna has always been the godmother of this place. Yes she can be tough with that ban and delete function but she's one of the warmest and kindest people I've ever known. She loves this place as much as anyone if not more. Thank you, Donna.


TG. I got to watch Tweedy's Gurl grow up through text. It's quite odd to think of it that way but I remember little Rosie as a 14 year old posting machine when there was about 35 members. She was a phenom! :) Same with Stardog. I think he was 16 when he first joined.


Well, I think that's about it. It's been a blessing far more than a curse and I owe that all to you guys. I could list a whole mess of members that have made this place great but I would never want to risk leaving a name or two off. Besides, this place is still in its becoming great stage. I appreciate all of you for what you do in your own individual ways. Thanks for all the donations and help in keep it going. This site will always need help in that way so feel free to give a dime or two whenever its feasible.


Take care of this place. :cheers





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Thanks, man. VC has contributed significantly to my quality of life and growth as a human being over these past two years and I'm grateful for the efforts of the founders. Have a glorious retirement and watch out for that Beria, he's a tricky one.



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I appreciate this place for many different reasons. Thank you so much for your efforts over the years to keep it going and keep it kind.


Enjoy your freedom, but be careful - the sun's really bright out there!





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jeffery, i'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. honestly.


you guys provided me the medium through which to grow up, and i will always be thankful for that.


it seems that now is the time when a lot of eras are ending, a lot of them involving my childhood.


but i'm not gonna go into that.


i'll miss ya, evil mom...but we'll always have myspace, i guess.

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I've barely been more than a lurker here, but VC is my favorite online community and I appreciate your hard work to keep it going. Happy retirement!

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