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wilcos guitar collection.

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so, i have an idea.

seeing that we are all gearheads, and wilcofans, maybe we can work together and figure out some of the guitars and equipment wilco uses.

just post neat pics of their stuff.

who doesnt like pictures?

overall, its fun to look at this stuff, and it would be cool if it was all in one place.

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Uhhhh I can tell you which guitars Jeff plays on certain songs! If that helps haha. This all going by their Canadian tour this past summer.


Jeff plays this Jazzmaster on "I'm A Wheel"




This SG on the noize solo in Handshake Drugs (notice the capo on 12)




This badass Gibson Barney Kessel on Walken.




Uses this Gibson on She's A Jar.




Nels primarily uses this Jazzmaster but he has one other one and a Danelectro and two or three lap steels.



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Now that I think about it I think it is a Dano,I remember him saying how he liked play his inexpensive 12 string which would be a Dano,Jerry Jones look exactly the same but way better built.I guess I just could't imagine Nels playing a guitar I could afford.

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I think that Jazzmaster may be in fact a Jagmaster. Are those tone switches above the strings?

Those are pickup selector switches, but that's standard Jazzmaster setup. The Jagmaster doesn't have those, and it's got different pickups, but similar body shape. You might be thinking of the Jaguar, that has a bunch of tone/pickup switches all over the body, but it's got thinner pickups.


Personally I :wub Jazzmasters, I would love love love to own one at some point. But I am no where near affording that now.

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No... it's actually a Double Cut Les Paul Special... PLAYED ON KINGPIN!


I'm not sure about that. Are you guys sure you're not calling a Melody Maker a Les Paul Special? I've seen Jeff use one a few times, and Nels is known to borrow Jeff's stuff. Also, I'd like to ask what you guys think about this guitar-


There used to be a bigger picture on the ACL website, but it's gone amiss. Long story short, it's an American Deluxe, but Fender doesn't make hardware that color, nor does anyone else. Anyone have any idea where he got this thing? I've never seen any other pictures of it than this one, btw.

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