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How to re-open torrents

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If I "x" out of a download on the BitTorrent window, how can I re-open that download so I can seed it? A few times I accidentally closed downloads and cannot figure out how to re-open them. Also, when I click on this question in FAQ, it's not there.


you open it just like you did when you first downloaded it, and when the prompts ask you where to save it (if you have your browser/client etc. set up that way), then you pick the folder in which you originally downloaded the torrent.


If you don't pick the folder correctly, it won't work.


that's the best I can tell you with my limited torrents knowledge...

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Yeah, whatdisay has it.


One way to make it easy on yourself is to make a folder called "bittorrents" (or "downloads" or whatever) on your desktop. I usually save the .torrent file in there too. Then when you download a show, the file structure will look something like this:










--------- etc.


When you want to re-open, you point the BT program to the directory above the directory that the files are in. So in this case, you'd go the bittorrents directory, click on the wilco2006-03-21.flac16.torrent file to open it, and when it asks you what directory to open in, point it to bittorrents.


It took me forever to get this straight. If you point it to the wilco2006-03-21.flac16 folder, it'll open up another subfolder in there, with the same name, and start downloading the files again.


Of course, this works differently for DVDs. :lol

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