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wow what a night!!! the opening act, neil hamburger, was a little bit confusing on how god awful he was. i dont know if i missed the joke but the whole audience thought he was a really crappy he was. but onto the d, they started out just the 2 of them, but then "died" went to "hell" where they were joined by the anti-christ on guitar, charlie chaplin on bass, and colonel sanders on drums. funny stuff. they played a bunch of new material and did some classic comedy.


heres what i remember (ill try to put it in order as best as i can):




special thing (from the old tv show) with lee


the road

master exploder



dude i totally miss you

kyle quit the band


papagenu (he's my sassafrass)


the metal

beezleboss (the showdown)

the government totally sucks

double team

good times bad times (led zeppelin cover)



f*** her gently


pinball wizard (the who cover)

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That was great fun. The narrative - Lee inadvertently electrocutes The D, sending them all to hell where they meet up with and form a band with the anti-Christ, Charlie Chaplin, and Colonel Sanders on the drums. It does sound strange, but it worked. I can't count how many times I turned to my buddy with my mouth agape and said "What the f***?" - especially after the "episode" where Jack ingests magic mushrooms, goes through a bizarre dream sequence, and then gets chased the around the stage by a Mushroom. The Who covers also were a great surprise. Jack Black has an amazing presence. Great stuff.

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