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Now Playing for January 2007

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David Nelson Band


Canal street Tavern



You can't help but feel good around this music....... :)


I'll get you to Canal by hook or by crook! :cheers God, I just love the DNB :worship


NP: GD---6/14/76 Cleeean SBD :music

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Didnt know what to expect from this at all. But after one listen im certainly not dissapointed. I am a bit of a Blur / Damon fanboy though.

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matt mays - matt mays & el torpedo.


it might be too early to say & i might just be completely smitten right now, but i think this is top 5 since 2000 for me.


When it came out, part of the criticism was that it was 7 or 8 years too late and not that different from any Jayhawks release.


I sorta read all that stuff and bought the complete catalogue, went to see him a couple times and did some pimping.


Anyway, the three albums are sorta timeless.



np: h70071iffzd.jpg


(too bad this thing substantially trails off. A couple more good songs and it would be a great cd)

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