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Now Playing for January 2007

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Tim O'Reagan - s/t


Cod dammit I love this album. It just keeps getting better and better for me the more I listen to it.


There are a couple of near-stumbles among the songs, but all in all it holds together really well. Also, for some reason, ordinary as it is, I've always loved his voice (ever since "Bottomless Cup" on the Jayhawks' Sound of Lies album).

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this just gets better and better, and kicks all kinds of ass


it took me a while to get past the voice, but i love this album. they're coming to denver in early february... and i'm going to be out of town. also missing thunderbirds are now!/oxford collapse the next day... :realmad






i don't know why i'm still up. i had a rather uninspiring my morning jacket experience earlier... by the way, ms. yvon says hi to everyone as she's stuck at a motel with no internet access.

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How is this? I've been ignoring it for awhile now but very curious.


It is very good. A messy, driving psychedelic rock album. Dark Meat sounds like a crazed, drugged-out, dangerous version of Oakley Hall.


I became interested after learning the band had a few former Olivia Tremor Controllers in it. This album doesn't sound anything like OTC, but I'm loving it.

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