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Now Playing for January 2007

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This is pitched perfectly inbetween the pedal steel country rock of Post To Wire and the stark acoustic tracks from The Fitzgerald. Amazing stuff.

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"hey shut up, you're missing a very dynamic performance"


"i'm not talking into the microphone too much cause people in the back are talking"


1998-03-26 Jeff Tweedy Lounge Ax Chicago, IL

1. Pick Up The Change

2. Hesitating Beauty

3. The Auld Triangle

4. One By One

5. Please Tell My Brother

6. Shouldn't Be Ashamed

7. True Love Will Find You In the End

8. I Wish My Baby Was Born

9. Ingrid Bergman

10. When The Roses Bloom Again

11. Casino Queen

12. I'm Into Something Good

13. Candyfloss

14. How To Fight Loneliness

15. She's A Jar

16. Hotel Arizona

17. Reflections On A Crystal Wind

18. I Must Be High

19. Should've Been In Love

20. A Shot In The Arm

21. The Long Cut

22. John Wesley Harding

23. I'm Always In Love

24. Oklahoma USA

25. Wait Up

26. A Fool Such As I

27. Someday Soon

28. Passenger Side

29. I Wish I Was Your Mother

30. Via Chicago

31. Acuff-Rose

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Yeah, I was hoping to catch him live, but he's playing the night before the Decemberists gig in London, so not sure I've got the stamina for it!


I was a big fan of Million Dead too, saw them in Cambridge, fucking loud they were to, some of my mates walked out! But this is a bit of a change of direction, that's for sure.

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