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2003-01-06 Jeff Tweedy The Vic Theater Chicago, IL

1. Millionaire

2. Bob Dylan's 49th Beard

3. When The Roses Bloom Again

4. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

5. Sunken Treasure

6. I'm The Man Who Loves You

7. Candyfloss

8. Hummingbird

9. Old Maid

10. Heavy Metal Drummer

11. I'm A Wheel

12. Black Eye

13. Woodgrain

14. Be Not So Fearful

15. California Stars

16. Airline To Heaven

17. Less Than You Think

18. Via Chicago

19. Not For The Season

20. Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit)

21. How To Fight Loneliness

22. Pecan Pie

23. Remember The Mountain Bed

24. Passenger Side

25. True Love Will Find You In the End

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Great album and a nice guy. I got to catch him live back in the summer. Maybe 20 people in attendence.

I'm a big Posies fan ... haven't had a chance to see Jon play solo, though. He has implied that Ann Arbor may be in his future (his wife's family is from Michigan and he has friends here in town, I think).


I was really blown away by his record ... its release had been delayed so many times that several of us on his message board (or was it the Posies one?) began to wonder whether it actually existed. The wait was worth it.

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