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i can give you a few recommendations if you'd like... i can guarantee my whitebread rap tastes are probably easier to digest for someone new to hip hop compared to more knowledgeable folks :lol


yes, please. :D


i downloaded andrew bird too late last night and fell asleep before the first song was over... :blush have to try again today.

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I'm also going to have to disagree with you Good, Bad & Queen haters - I think it's a great album, but it's a definite grower. It's so understated and delicately arranged that it's an album you actually have to listen to. If its just on in the background, it just doesn't work...


It is, however, a very British album, so not everyone might get it.


Never could get into Blur either, maybe I'm not cut out for Brit rock. Deleted it but kept History Song, 80's Life, and Herculean, enjoyed those songs.



Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha


On second listen and it's sounding great :)


I was obsessed with the Fingerlings 3 version of 'Dark Matter' and I'm a little disappointed that the main riff looped throughout that version is more understated in the studio version where it doesn't kick in til the end. Still a good song but I think I prefer the Fingerlings one, maybe repeated listens will prove me wrong.

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