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I listen to this a lot more than I thought I would when I grabbed it 900 years ago or whenever it leaked. Not what I expected, but super good regardless. Might have to get that super vinyl edition.


I bought the last two albums on vinyl, this one I got at best buy for a cool $10 but will probably pick up the vinyl as well. I waited for the album so these are my first spins. I am liking it a lot so far but I love the live versions of these songs so much better. It got a real good review on PF, so I guess their indie-cred will rise a good bit.

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oh, i loooooooooove 'dark matter'... :wub :music :wub :music :wub

he debuted that one at one of the shows i saw last spring :wub


ok, only sort of, he debuted it on the radio earlier in the day, but it was the first performance in front of an audience :P


the version on the album is way better than the Fingerlings 3 one (Scythian especially is)

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I really liked that too, think I'll have to fork out for the real thing when it's finally released over here next week...



Great album that, I'm hoping to catch him live on Sunday...


For me this morning, seems a perfect soundtrack to a cold, bright morning:




And also because I left the mp3's of the Andrew Bird album on my home pc... doh!

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To Rich and the others in England/Europe: Here's a note from Tim Rutili of Califone:


Jan. 24, 2007 - pastrysharp.com

hello, we're in london and we just found out that some of the shows were cancelled. here are the real tour dates. if you're out in europe or know anyone who is please spread the word..

happy new year! hope to see you soon.


1.24.07 london UK - dingwalls

1.26.07 manchester UK - manchester academy

1.27.07 bristol UK - thekla social

1.28.07 exeter UK- the cavern club

1.29.07 brighton UK - the hope

1.30.07 leuven BE - stuk

2.02.07 legano(MI) IT - jail

2.03.07 verona IT - interzona

2.04.07 offenbach GER - hafen 2

2.06.07 st.gallen SW - Kellerbuehne

2.07.07 firenze IT - sintetika

2.08.07 rome IT - Circolo degli Artisti

2.09.07 bologna IT - villa serena

2.10.07 riccione(fc) It - teatro del mare

2.12.07 cologne GER - gebeaude 9

2.13.07 berlin GER - knaack


Just in case any of the shows in England were changed, thought you might like to know. (I think they had some shows in Sweden and Norway that were cancelled).


Well I hope you are going anyway ... they're worth it. Sooooo good!

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Ive got that but havent gotten round to listening to it yet. What do you make of it?




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This person claims it's not real but just something that he created. I hope he's right.



good to hear, cuz i thought it pretty much sucked too. i wasn't sure w/ the color one, but someone posted that one and stated it was the "final draft".


the one that's on various pre-order sites is just a generic white w/ LCD script.

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