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Now Playing for January 2007

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My thirst will not be satisfied by some silly transcode. I need full-flavored Neon Bible.


Yeah it's not a great rip, it's about 128 I think.. Anyway it didn't quite grip me as much as Funeral, but Funeral took about ten listens for me to really understand it's brilliance, and it's not a perfect rip of it either. Still it's a damn good album, we're about four weeks into 2007 and there are already about three albums that would have placed in my top 5 last year (this, Of Montreal and Andrew Bird).


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it's really good... (obviously doesn't even remotely touch Funeral), and fairly Americana sounding (TONS of Springsteen influence).


I was dubious when I first read these words but the description is 100% accurate, especially the Springsteen part. Half these songs you could have told me were recorded for a Springsteen tribute/covers record and I would have believed it. Great, great stuff. The second track is a killer. :beer :cheers :music :w00t

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GD--9/28/75 SBD


A FREE show in Golden Gate Park w/ The Starship.


"There's a woman havin' a baby"---Bob Weir

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far as i know the copy going around that's leaked isn't a transcode, just a mixture of 128/160kbps aac files

Yeah, I grabbed it and figured out what it was. Doesn't sound too bad, but I'm excited for a real leak soon. All of that quality stuff aside, the record sounds pretty good after one listen. Quite a bit different than I expected it to sound, but from what I gathered, that isn't a bad thing at all.

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