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I'm really surprised by the love for Logan. I hated his character. I especially hated how he went from being too weak to make any decision whatsoever to leading a plot against his own government to "secure the oil interests of this country for years to come."

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Your all crazy! He's the kind of villian that you love to hate. True enough, in season 4 he was a pansy but he came into his own during season 5. And it really wasn't him so much as the blue tooth group and Henderson. he was the main dude behind it all, he just was involved with the process.

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If you can't hire Robert Davi to play your over-the-top, stereotypical Mexican drug lord, then just don't have one ... that's what I always say.



(Although I think the drug lord he played was pseudo-Panamanian, so what do I know.)

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Would someone be kind enough to tell me how to send this to my phone? I want the CTU desk phone one.




Yeah, ditto. I want to look cool now.


I am so serious about that rain man stuff....


Anyone here up on the spoilers? I try to be good but I get anxious and read one here and there....

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