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Another harvest of Neil Young

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and about his last tour, i wonder why he didn't play anything off prairie wind? at least The Painter would have been fun.




Mr. Young probably thought someone might get enjoyment out of it, and being a difficult artist, he shitcanned the idea...and decided to not play anything from it.

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As the Buddhists say, desires lead to suffering. ... And few understand this noble truth better than hardcore Neil Young fans.



true words my friend. the longer time goes without archives, the more i really don't care.

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I bet that's not true.



it's kind of true. i mean, the day it comes out (if ever) i probably wont be able to pick it up because i'll have to take one of my boys to some activity, need a nap, or not have the cash :shifty



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I give up on the archives. I just want Homegrown released as a single cd. PLEASE! I've been wanting to hear this since I saw Neil play "Seperate Ways" with Booker T & the MG's way back in the early 90's.


i'd be happy with that. most of the stuff i want to hear is supposedly on volume 2: 72-82, homegrown, all the other random acoustic unreleased songs, CSNY stuff, Island in the Sun, Chrome Dreams, lots of stuff. Volume 3 is just gonna blow. dont need old ways, blue notes, and landing on water outtakes.


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From On The Record - The Official Site for Breaking News and the Latest Information from Sun:


Yes, it's true - Neil Young will join Sun on stage during the JavaOne opening keynote session on May 6, at Moscone Center in San Francisco.


Come hear and see what Java technology means to Neil Young as he does a special demo of a new music project.


Day/Time: Tuesday, May 6; 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.


Who: Rich Green (EVP, Software, Sun Microsystems) will be joined by several special guests, including Neil Young and Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz


Can't make it to JavaOne this year?


The keynote session with Neil Young will also be available via webcast & we'll post some photos in the JavaOne press kit.



So how much do you want to bet this is the debut of the Archives on Blu-Ray?

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Source: Gimboid & The Mekon Masters Special Needs Blog

Date: 02/09/1666


The more we're hearing, the more this looks like it could be some of the biggest Neil news in a long, long time. Neil Young has recently confirmed that on August 5th last year he launched Archives Vol.1 into space to land within the South Pole-Aitken basin of the Moon where a special 'listening station' has been set up for space tourists to experience Young's music as he always intended. Yes. Neil has always been on the cutting edge of new technology, and it is a current belief of his that the only real way to listen to his music is in a location with a gravitational pull of about 17% that of the Earth (apparently the music floats from the speakers more freely). Virgin are planning to begin chartering shuttles to the moon in about 10 years time, so it's only a relatively short wait before fans of Young's music can finally get their hands on his extensive archive material!

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Still, when the frak are these gods damn things coming out!!

pretty exciting though!




SAN FRANCISCO, CA JAVAONE CONFERENCE, May 6, 2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) today announced a collaboration with Neil Young and Reprise/Warner Bros. Records for the release of the upcoming Neil Young Archive series on Blu-ray Disc, powered by Java technology. Young will join Sun CEO and president Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green, executive vice president for Software, on stage during the JavaOne conference opening keynote to announce this revolutionary new project and demonstrate some of the interactive features of his upcoming Blu-ray Disc box set. Visit: http://www.java.com or http://www.neilyoung.com for more information.


Neil Young's exciting project ties to this year's Conference theme of "Java + You" by highlighting the role Java technology plays in delivering dynamic content, sophisticated services and application mashups across consumer devices. Today, Java technology is the most widely adopted runtime in the world and is now powering compelling content and rich end-user experiences across all the "screens of your life" on billions of devices

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So, if you don't have a machine that can play Blu-Ray discs - no archives for you.

Damn you Neil. Damn you. I've waited all this time and now i don't have anything that plays blu ray.


I just want to hear it i don't care if it is only "cd" quality :(

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So let me get this straight.....If you have a Playstation 3 you can play Blue-Ray DVD's? Any special model of PS3 needed? Obviously one would not need an HDTV to view it I hope?


You need (or at least really want) the $25 Blu-Ray remote.



edit: Blu-Ray might not work with a non-HDTV...



The PS3 does not have a conventional set of component jacks. So if you are planning to use component video instead of HDMI you'll have to use a special Sony breakout cable that has a proprietary connector on one end (which plugs into the player's so-called Multi AV output) and analog component video and 2-channel stereo audio at the other. This cable is an extra-cost item, available separately. An S-Video breakout cable is also an option. The only breakout cable packed with the player provides composite video. But neither S-Video nor composite is of any use for Blu-Ray playback since high definition video requires either a component or HDMI connection.

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Apparently not just play Blu-Ray but also support BD-Live. Panasonic just announce the first non-PlayStation machine that supports it. $700.




I bet the fact that he was going to put this out on DVD a few years ago - until he learned DVDs could be ripped, had something to do with this decision.


Same thing with the dvd/cd thread - as I recall, the Son Volt/Bruce combo would only play on the DVD side on my computer. I never play the Bruce deal - because it has that spyware thing in it. Just as the My Morning Jacket cd did. I guess this was their attempt to keep people from ripping the content.


Just found this at Uncut.com:


Neil Young has today (May 6) personally offered a sneak preview of his upcoming 5 volume, 45 year career-spanning Archives project, which is now slated for release this Autumn through Warner Music.


At a webcasted morning session of the Sun Microsystem's JavaOne Conference in San Francisco, Young and Shakey films colleague L.A. Johnson unveiled some elements of the ongoing project.


Based around an interactive

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Interview with Neil Young on Music Piracy, MP3 Hell and Finding Freaks on the Web

Written by Marshall Kirkpatrick / May 6, 2008 12:33 PM / 7 Comments


Neil YoungHere at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco Neil Young just announced that his whole life's work will be made available on in a dynamically updating collection delivered on Blu-ray disk. After his Keynote announcement I was fortunate enough to participate in a small group interview with a handful of other bloggers. Young offered interesting replies to questions about Trent Reznor and music piracy, about MP3 sound quality and about the way the web enables his extensive work on electric cars.


The short version is that Young fully expects his collection to be sent all over the web for free, he hates MP3s and he loves finding freaky scientists on the web and offering them profiles in his next movie.


Free Music


I elbowed in between elder bloggers Tim O'Reilly and Dan Farber in the interview to ask what Young thought of Trent Reznor's giving away free music and RadioHead's saying they aren't going to do so anymore. At first I thought he wasn't going to give me anything good, saying: "The recording business is going somewhere but I don't care about that, I try to remove myself from the business part. The artistic part of me tries to. The world will work it out."


He went on though to point out that his project Living With War always was and still is fully listenable for free on his website. It delivered a message he wanted to get out, he said. His thoughts about the content included in his giant life collection? Blu-ray may be riddled with DRM but Young doesn't think that will be an issue.


"Ten Blu-ray disks doesn't lend itself to P2P," he pointed out. "They [the fans] are going to do that anyway - people are going to copy all this music. We don't have to deal with that. All we're doing is supplying the mother-lode, trying to give them quality whether they want it or not. You can degrade it as far as you want, we just don't want our name on it."


More than just indifference, Young was downright enthusiastic. "It's up to the masses to distribute it however they want," he said. "The laws don't matter at that point. People sharing music in their bedrooms is the new radio." Go Neil!

MP3s Sound Like Shit


Wonder how Young feels about the ongoing debate over the impact of the MP3 format on sound quality? He's pretty clear on it.


[When it first came out] "digital music sounded like shit," he said in the interview. "It was no fun to listen to turned up. Instead of water poured on you it was like being attacked with ice picks. [His recordings on Blu-ray] are like snowflakes."


"I don't listen to music, it's in my head. Putting on headphones is like hell for me. I can hear an mp3 from a half mile away because the air has a chance to make it sound natural."


Young said that MP3 was convenient - but that it's like a vision of paradise that's only inches deep and slams you in the face when you try to walk into it. "I'm a music guy, a sound guy - I went through hell in the 80's," he said. "Now we're coming close, climbing up the quality wall. I make all my music analog, when a new format comes along I will dump all my music to it." Would he advise other musicians to do the same? He said that wasn't realistic. "I'm too rich and elitist, most people can't afford the machines [for analog recording] and the people to take care of them." Young says he's been hoarding tape for a long time, sometimes recording over content that didn't work out.

Finding Freaky Scientists on the Internet


Young spent much of the interview talking about his work building an electric car that users don't have to plug-in to a wall. The end of roadside refueling is his ultimate goal. He and Tim O'Reilly discussed the plans in some length and it was fun to listen to. Nothing else Young talked about is nearly as important. It's also not very relevant to RWW, except for his thoughts on how the web has assisted his work on the car.


"The internet is a fantastic place to find science experiments," he said. "That's my favorite thing about the internet. People who are kooks in their garages - the tools are here for us to look to the edge of the scientific world. You can seek them out and tell them if you think their ideas will work. You can tell them you'd like to connect them with other scientists in other parts of the world and if the work succeeds or fails you'll put them in a movie about the project."


That's not a perspective I've heard about the web before, and I like it.


Neil Young was a personable, intelligent and well spoken interview subject. I'll remember getting the chance to interview him fondly for the rest of my life.



Young first revealed his decision to eschew CDs in favor of Blu-Ray for the archive project at the Sundance Film Festival in January in an interview with Billboard. At that time, he said of the project, "I know it's in technical production now, but it's only coming out on Blu-ray and DVD. There won't be CDs. Technology has caught up to what the concept was in the first place [and] how we're able to actually present it. But there's no doubt it will come out this year."
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Interview with Neil Young on Music Piracy, MP3 Hell and Finding Freaks on the Web

Written by Marshall Kirkpatrick

Thanks for sharing that. You really can't argue with his logic or motives, because Neil Young will be Neil Young. How can we expect him to behave any differently? That's why we love him. That's why he drives us crazy.


Here's a link to the article. I enjoyed reading the comments. :lol

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