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YSI Request: Patto - 'Man'

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And yeah, I'd just assume buy the record, but everything I've heard about it seems pretty lukewarm, with the exceptions of 'Man' and 'San Antone'.


I don't know where you heard that. I think it's pretty good, anyway (as is Hold Your Fire). I'd imagine if you like Man then you'd like the rest of it. Here's a couple of other tracks (track 2 & 3 on the album) to see what you think: patto tracks Sorry about the low bitrate.

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I second the recommendation on the entire album, The Man is the best track on it, but the other tunes are pretty solid. I had to get into these guys based on the connection they had with the Beatles parody band The Rutles. If not for a late night viewing of All You Need is Cash, my obsessive music fan journey would have never began.



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