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Are you referring to that Waterboys album? This version, by chance?


I might have to take a look at that myself. ;)


That's the one! Great reissue.


For me this morning, first play of...



only found out a couple of hours ago they're playing a low-key free show tonight down here to compensate for the one they cancelled last year!... getting psycjed up for tonight




Jammy git! :D


Hope it goes well - I expect a full report!! :cheers

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Ted Leo - Living With The Living



Got that on my ipod but yet to listen. Think ill give it a spin later..

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Sometimes I find myself longing for old funk/soul/gospel/blues so much that I'll settle for anything even remotely trying to scratch that itch, so I can't believe I'm even typing this much, blah blah blah. But I like this, for what it is. Hey let's all have a good day. :cheers :dancing

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So I've finally finished listening to the Ted Leo album... there's some good stuff on there, but bloody hell it's long...

yeah... he could lop off like 3-4 songs at least (i'd start w/ Bottle of Buckie myself)


i dig it, but certainly not up to the level of Tyranny or Oak for me, can't decide if i like it as much or less than Sheets yet, too early.

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