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After first listen of the new Son Volt, this is less than memorable. "The Search" and "Highways and Cigarettes" are the lone bright spots. Hopefully, this grows on me. I had really high expectations, and to say I'm disappointed is an understatement.

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Isn't it just a great band!! Cold Water Songs was the last one I actually got and so am least familiar with.


I'm also loving that song from Balls about


'I want you to die with my hands 'round your throat

With me in the castle and you in the moat

And everyone you know stood around laughing


I want you to swing from a tree

Or fry in a chair while you're looking at me

And everyone in the world will be glad when you're gone


It was safe to say that we were never happy......


I want you to move to Australia

With me a success and you facing failure

With all of your friends refusing your calls'


It was safe to say that we were never happy......



what a great friggin band!!!

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i like everything i've heard, least fave thought being the jesus songs ep. their lyrics are so hilarious sometimes.


I like Jesus Songs the most. I think it's because all the songs are about, well Jesus. Poor Little Thing, Kissing in the Rain, Walking back to Jesus Part 2 and then the cover of Neutral Milk Hotel. That's a pretty high quality release.


But - as you say, the quality is all around. Just glad you're liking them too. I think they may be a real acquired taste band.


'Leave motorcycle man and come with me

We could ride horses

Although I don't like horses

We could walk dogs

And we could kiss

Whenever you want'

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