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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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i think it boils down to:


A.) May is the month for the first big blockbuster of the year to come out

B.) they want the movie out first, because if you already know the end of everything, you might be less inclined to see the movie which is 2 books behind. Plus if the movie is good some people will end up reading 6 right away in anticipation of 7

C.) J.K. Rowling hates us and wants us to wait another 2 weeks

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when the 6th one came out i had just gotten radiohead's "kid a" and had the whole album playing in my head while i read the book.


and it synched up too, it was like dark side of oz. it was trippy.

That's wild, the same thing happened with me and Kid A, except the book was The Cry of the Owl by Patricia Highsmith. I still relate the two.

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i think that's pretty funny.


i also think an obvious solution here is for Rowling to write in a nude scene for harry in the last book that the movie can't leave out. i mean, they almost had it in goblet of fire, that was a creepy scene.

at least a sex scene! beneith the womping willow!

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Someone ruined it for me too. It's just a book.


Thanks for calling me an asshole, though! :dancing


sorry, i just kinda freaked. but i was really irritated that night when that happened. i wanted to find the guy who wrote it and choke him with his internet cable.


i apologize for calling you an asshole.

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