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These constantly change, but for right now...



1. I Will Sing You Songs

2. Bermuda Highway

3. Lay Low


In Concert:

1. Run Thru

2. Mahgeetah

3. Dondante

3. One Big Holiday

I've never witnessed I Will Sing You Songs or it would be on this list too.



1. Where To Begin (Elizabethtown)

2. How Do You Know? (Okonokos Extra)

3. It Makes No Difference (Endless Highway - Band Tribute)

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Regardless of your feelings towards the recorded output, don't allow yourself to miss them live if they're in your neck of the woods.

It's like, an "experience-man".

( No kiddin, they are somethin else live)


MMJ live is one in a million. The feeling I had when the One Big Holiday riff opened the concert, Jim James playing it passionately at the edge of the stage.....man, oh man.

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1. One Big Holiday (the okonokos version = gold)

2. Mahgeetah

3. Golden (acoustica version w/ solo jim... "you kick ass!")

4. Phone Went West

5. The Way That He Sings

6. Bermuda Highway

7. Come Closer

8. Lowdown

9. The Bear

10. Sooner

11. How Could I Know

12. Wordless Chorus

13. O Is The One

14. Dancefloors

15. Xmas Curtain


what a band, what a list of songs they have compiled in such a brief time...

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Anyone going to see them in Athens or Asheville next month? The Orange Peel is probably about as small a venue as they are likely to play anymore and as a great big bonus it's GA. I may make the trek from Richmond. I know it would be worth it, Greg

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as previous post have shown, quite difficult to narrow down 3 mmj songs :ermm everything just sounds so damn good, it could be a different 3 every week :music :dancing



The Way That He Sings

One Big Holiday (one of the best live rock anthems for any band)

Dondante (love the dark sax solo at the end)

Nashville to Kentucky

Weeks Go By Like Days

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