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Jeff Tweedy 02/17/2007

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Wow. Just..., wow. Thank you all for the pics and reports. I know all of you have experienced LR shows before and had the times of your lives at them. Each one, I'm sure, is uniquely special but it seems to me like all of you are getting even better at enjoying the experience or at least that's my outside impression. I guess what I'm trying to say is the vibe I'm getting is that of a bunch of friends getting together for a party, knowing that one of the friends is going to show up with a guitar and his wife and blow the rest of you away with his understatedly transcendent talent. From the outside looking in, it seems pretty cool to me. :cheers

That vibe is exactly it. We were driving over from the hotel, having had a great time at the 90s party the night before and met up with a bunch of people for lunch that afternoon, and I said that I really kept forgetting that Jeff was going to be there! :lol I was so looking forward to seeing everyone, and to all of that amazing food :eat , and to hearing Mart and Dave play, that Jeff was truly just the (chai spice buttercream) icing on the cake. Of course once he and Susan showed up, I realized (yet again) how lucky we all are to get to have that experience.


I don't think any of us knew what we were getting into the first year, and I had to miss last year's show at the last minute, so I wasn't sure what the vibe would be like at a repeat show, but this was every bit as amazing as it was two years ago.




I guess my secret is out. Now you know that refusing to drink from a bottle was just a ploy to stay up past my bedtime and meet Jeff. Artificial nipples are for suckas! :dancing


(Special thanks to Daddy for driving me around the streets of Chicago so that I could sleep in my carseat between meals.)



:cheekkiss to you, and another for your Daddy! :cheekkiss

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I KNEW it would be you to finally notice!


Although he did not perform, he did sing Happy Birthday to me.


OK, the more accurate wording would be "...he sportingly joined in when everyone sang Happy Birthday to me." :P


He didn't know my name, so when it got to the "happy birthday, dear ____" part, he just whistled instead.


OK, the more accurate wording would be "NO, he did not either do that, but I like the idea!"

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He didn't know my name, so when it got to the "happy birthday, dear ____" part, he just whistled instead.

As Kristina said, I'm going to pretend that part is true. :D


When I opened the shrink wrap on Mermaid Avenue all those years ago, I had no way of knowing that the songs on that album would lead me to so many wonderful people and madcap adventures. When we were in the queue for duck fat fries at Hot Doug's on Saturday, the woman standing in front of us was curious about our different accents (not a word, Paul! :nono ) and wanted to know what brought us together in Chicago on that chilly day. The answer, of course, is an incredibly talented man with a heart of gold and his beautiful wife.


Somehow, the cold weather doesn't matter when you're basking in the glow of Midwestern hospitality. (It also helps to fuel yourself with generous helpings of sinful fare like Alison

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I'd also like to add that this was our very first international family vacation. United Airlines even gave Hannah a little pin with a pair of gold wings to commemorate her first flight.


Getting through Customs was a breeze (Hannah is a world class flirt), but I had to laugh when Security at O'hare asked me to remove her pink Robeez booties so that they could be x-rayed. :lol

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