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Jeff Tweedy 02/17/2007

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We're hoping anxiously with you, believe me!


Stories of the weekend helped regale Kande and I as we were slogging through a blizzard on I-95 today, so I had great occasion to miss you guys, too.


And with so many of our group being non-chicago people, I'm VERY grateful we didn't have these storms on our weekend's shows!


I don't see any report from yesterday's performance -- I hope the weather didn't slam them!

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Sounds like an incredible time.


I feel like a stupid newbie asking, but what exactly are these basement shows? I've got last year's "Live at Hotel S n' S" show on my hard drive (and I absolutely adore it); from what I can gather, it's an annual fund raiser for a charity called "Letters to Santa" in somebody's basement? And the audience consists solely of friends of the band, or perhaps tickets are auctioned off?


Forgive my confusion! Also, if the tapes of at least part of this years show (which looked incredible) were ever salvaged, I'd love to hear them!


Edit: Never mind, some quick creative googling let me figure out exactly what the deal was. Lucky ducks!

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The auction is run by Second City in Chicago, and it benefits Letters to Santa, which helps out families in need around the holidays.


The way it works is, they auction off (among other items) a private show for you and 29 of your closest friends :D . For the past few years, there have been multiple groups with serious bids, so Jeff has done more than one show. Groups pretty much have to be formed in advance, because you have to have your $$ with you on the night. So it does require some advance planning, and having someone who can attend the auction in person in Chicago.


The first year's show, in January 2005, was not taped (seriously). Last year a couple of tapes were made, and that one from Hotel S'n'S was probably the most widely circulated. The fantastic taper who did that recording (and a few other serious tapers, as I understand it) attended the show on 3/3/07, so that tape will probably be the most listenable from this year's shows. The tape from this night (2/17/07) will likely be pretty patchy, but we'll see. If there's anything worth releasing, it will definitely be shared. :yes



Related, but a slightly different topic: the first year of these auctions, Jeff also auctioned the chance to record a song with him, and a friend of a VCer won it. Read the story here and here, and check out the song here. :dancing

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Oh, yay for Brian and yay for all of you who are going to get to see him (and of course, that other guy). Not so much yay for me. :hmm But I'll live vicariously through reports on the evening, I'm sure.


Also, thinking about this has made me queue up the VC tributes, too, just to hear Forget the Flowers again. :music

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And the Shine guy will be at the Jon Brion show on Friday, so those of you who'll be there can even tell him that yourself.


I was going to make a lame Geoffrey Rush joke (I think by definition), but I'll just say that I didn't know Brian was making an appearance!

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I was going to make a lame Geoffrey Rush joke (I think by definition),




Yes, he's going to be there, row E, I think. His beautiful wife Marian will be there, too. I think during a wine-besotted holiday party I really talked Jon up to her (yes, more than my usual talking up of him, even), so they're coming to Chicago as a mini-vacation.


Thanks for posting the link to the archive, gogo -- it really is a great story!

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