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working with untracked audio

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I have several discs from a music festival (sorry, no wilco) that were given to me directly from the taper. I run an OSX and simply want to split these 30-45 minute, one track discs into the songs while not forcing gaps in between each track. I thought I could do this in garageband, but it appears to be quite a daunting task for my feeble mind.


Any ideas for the audio newbie???





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if you split them the way you want, then output them as wav files or whatever, you should be able to convert them to mp3 in itunes. Once you convert them in itunes, name them all the same album name and select that there is no pause between songs. I think default is 2 seconds.

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I've never used Garageband, but here's how I do it in Adobe Audition:


1) Load the whole file.

2) Select the first "track" that you want to make, all the way up to right before the second track (normally about 0.5 sec before the next song starts)

3) Use the "Copy" function, and then paste the copied file into its own, new file

4) Save that as "Track 01" or something like that

5) With the section still selected, delete it in the original file

6) Lather, rinse, repeat for all the tracks you want to make

7) Burn to disc using 0-second gaps


That's always worked for me.

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It's not very simple in garageband since you can't open more than one project at a time. Furthermore, I think Garageband adds a few seconds of silence around the tracks it makes, so you'll never get the gapless audio you want with that.


Try using Audacity (its free)


Once you load the file in Audacity, you could do something along the lines of.


1. Select everything but the first song and Cut (command-X)

2. Save As...Track 1

3. Delete the first song.

4. Paste (Command-V) the rest of the song back into the project

5. Select everything but the second song and Cut, etc, etc,


You can use this same algorithm in Garageband if you can't figure out Audacity (it is a bit more confusing than garageband), but like I said, I think Garageband adds silence to its songs.

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