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Jeff Tweedy -- 3-3-07

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WOW! I am so happy for all of you who got to participate in this beautiful event! I had a smile plastered on my face the entire time I was listening, and can't imagine how you all felt actually witnessing this great show! Man, Jeff and Sue are so generous with their time and energy, and all of you are fantastic for donating your hard earned cash to a charity. Man, Wilco/Tweedy seem to really bring together some fabulous people!


Also, the recording sounds great. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, ckc!!!!!!! :cheekkiss

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Show is up on bt etree

Get It Here


Jeff Tweedy

Letters to Santa Benefit

Living Room Concert (#3)

The Coleman Home

Winnetka, IL

Saturday March 3, 2007


Recording and Transfer By: ckc


Source: Multi-track Soundboard + Room Mics (Studio Projects C4, X/Y 12' back, 6.5' up) > MOTU Traveler > MOTU Audiodesk > SDII Audio Files (44.1kHz/24-bit)

Transfer: SDII Audio Files > ProTools 7.3.1 (Mixing, Processing, Mixdown) > AIFF > Peak 5.2 (Mastering, Dither, Tracking) > AIFF > xACT 1.58 (Level 6 w/verify) > FLAC


Disc One


[First Set]


01 [pre-show banter]

02 [requested by: Erin]

03 Spiders

04 [requested by: Jen]

05 Someday Soon

06 [requested by: Wendy]

07 Radio King

08 [requested by: Jackson]

09 Reservations

10 [requested by: Leo]

11 Pot Kettle Black

12 [requested by: Christine]

13 Muzzle of Bees

14 [requested by: Jenny]

15 Not for the Season

16 [requested by: Johnny]

17 No More Poetry

18 [requested by: Chris T.]

19 Dreamer in my Dreams

20 [requested by: Tom]

21 Jesus Etc. (w/ Erin Coleman on violin)

22 [requested by: Melissa]

23 Heavy Metal Drummer

24 [requested by: Vanessa]

25 One by One

26 [requested by: Mike]

27 Impossible Germany

28 [requested by: Donna]

29 Who Were You Thinking of?


Disc Two


[First Set continued]


01 [requested by: Kevin]

02 Gun

03 [requested by: Amy]

04 New Madrid

05 [requested by: Steve]

06 ELT

07 [requested by: Susan]

08 What Light

09 [set Break/Second Set]

10 [requested by: Kristen]

11 Theologians

12 [requested by: Kristen]

13 I'm a Wheel

14 [Jeff's theories about guitar shapes]

15 [requested by: Mr. Scheyer]

16 Passenger Side

17 [requested by: David]

18 Family Gardner

19 [requested by: Anna]

20 Magazine Called Sunset

21 [requested by: Ken]

22 Is That the Thanks I Get

23 [requested by: Doug / Jeff talks about Letters to Santa]

24 Forget the Flowers

25 [requested by: Morgan]

26 Always in Love

27 [requested by: Chandler]

28 Love and Mercy

29 [requested by: Chris C.]

30 Can't Keep From Talking

31 [requested by: Adam]

32 I Got You (w/ Jen Reinking and Chris Cross on background vocals)


Disc Three


[second Set continued]


01 [requested by: Chris N.]

02 I am Trying to Break Your Heart

03 Misunderstood

04 [requested by: Warner]

05 Pecan Pie

06 [requested by: Chris H.]

07 Should Have Been in Love

08 [requested by: Kyle]

09 Acuff Rose (w/o P.A.)

10 [requested by: Edie]

11 Hate it Here (fragment)

12 [Wilco Ruins Records]

13 Can't Stand It

14 Candyfloss

15 [requested by: Gail]

16 Pieholden Suite

17 [requested by: Rich]

18 How to Fight Loneliness

19 [Thanks to Susan Miller Tweedy]

20 I'm the Man Who Loves You

21 California Stars (w/o P.A. on vocals)

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I've been listening to this special performance for the last week or so and I truly appreciate everyone involved who made it happen. As much fun as the torrent is, I can only imagine what it must have been like to have been there. Again, many thanks for getting this up and available!

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