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Nels Cline is GOD

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I'm finding that the best guitar on SBS is again Tweedy. I'm not trying to flame here but I think Nels' contribution to SBS is marginal and sounds like they were just overdubs for the sake of doing overdubs. Just my opinion.

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sounds like any other adult-lite smooth jazz guitarist.


Hey great stereotype man. Just let me just me to first to say you need to do your research. He has done thousands of different of styles. Before stereotyping the man, you need to listen to other recordings he has done. This is what you need to do in order to not be a dumbass:


Buy or listen to:


Destroy All Nels Cline- Come back on to Via Chicago and then tell me if he is a smooth jazz guitarist.


Edible Flowers- Its out of print but fantastic duo with Devin Sarno and just to let you know the CD has lots of drones. To me, I don't think drones have anything to do with smooth jazz guitarist. Do you?


Four Guitarists Live: Does a quartet of Carlos Giffoni, Lee Ranaldo,Thurston Moore, and Nels Cline sounds like adult-lite smooth jazz to you.


Butch- Amazing goth-country record with The Geraldine Fibbers. I don't think there is any smooth jazz in goth-country.


Anything with Banyan or Mike Watt- He really shows how to rock out with his solos; for example, youtube Banyan's version of "FunHouse" and listen to Cline's fills because they are mind blowing.


But with his work on the new album, I think his work is fantastic. I think people would have criticze Cline if the new record sounded as weird as some of Cline's catalog, but instead, he brought beauty and harmony to his solos, which if you knew the guy's record you would have realize he is not just an adult-lite smooth jazz guitarist.


By the way, I love the title of this topic because at the 11-25-06 show in Chicago right before "The Late Greats," I yelled, "Nels Cline is god."

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Listen to his Side With the Seeds solo...probably one of the more cathartic and face melting solos of all time. And while Nels may be a much better guitarist than bennett, bennett is unquestionably a better songwriter and served as the lennon or mccartney (or what have you) to Tweedy.


And side note - does anyone see a similarity between the Side with the Seeds solo part of the song and the end of Stop Breathin by Pavement? The similarities to me are uncanny...

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