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Favorite Sky Blue Sky Song

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It's only happened a couple of times in my listening life, but through at least the first ten listenings, it went this way.


During Either Way, it was my favorite.

During You are my face, that was my favourite,

During Impossible Germany, it was the one I loved,

During Sky Blue Sky, I thought it was the best,

During Side with the Seeds, I thought nothing could top that,

Then came Shake it off,


And so on, and so on.


And it happened that way each time.


Brilliant album.


Now, after listening for three days almost constantly, SwtS, and HiH are the tops for me.

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What Light is my top favorite, all others are close followers, no-go's at the moment are 5 and 6 (don't even know the track names, as I always skip them :lol).


so you skip "Side with the Seeds"? That seems to be a favorite around here. i also think it's a great song, especially the guitar solos.


"What Light" is definitely my least favorite.

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