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March 11- Sky Blue Sky (re) preview

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agreed, maybe we can petition to swap it with thanks i get or lets not get carried away


speaking of, can anyone hook me up with mp3s of these songs? (ummm, i meant i'm looking for the thanks i get and let's not get carried away. i already have sbs, but thanks anyway.)

thanks much, my sweets!

p.s. i was driven to distraction during our treatment team meeting today with endless mental cycles of "walken." something about that bass line.... :dancing

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Let's all pick a time to listen to it together and have running commentary throughout! That would be fun.




We already did that the night it streamed the first time. It really wasn't very much fun.


I don't understand all the hatred towards Shake It Off, I think it's a pretty catchy little number.


... though I would love a studio LNGCA.

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I think there is a .000000001 % chance that anything is going to be changed next time they stream it.


This baby is signed, sealed and delievered.


(Although that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to hear Let's Not Get Carried Away or a beefed up version of Walken!!)

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Guest tandylacker

Shake It Off is great. LNGCA is a Kicking Television kind of song that will show up on some EP or as a download if you buy SBS.


Shake It Off is a much better song then LNGCA.


Only if that was opinion, maybe you could argue with it. But sometimes, boys and girls, fact is fact.



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