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dr. dog + bobby bare, jr.

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Dr. Dog

Bobby Bare, Jr.

3/20/07 Larimer Lounge, Denver


These are two of the most animated and fun live bands that I've seen in quite a while. If you get a chance to catch them on this tour, do not hesitate!!


Dr. Dog's set:


My Old Ways

The Pretender

Ain't It Strange

Worst Trip

Wake Up

The Girl

Keep A Friend

Easy Beat

Fool's Life


The Way The Lazy Do

Die Die Die

Oh No


Say Something

The World May Never Know

Livin' A Dream

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These guys are playing here next Wed. I'd never heard of them until a couple days ago I was scanning the listings of upcoming shows. Dr Dog sounded like blues cover band or something, so I didn't pay much attention. I take it they are pretty good, then?

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:lol definitely not a blues cover band. they are great live, and i love the new album "we all belong". think three-part-harmonies and good, poppy songs. the album has lots of horns that aren't represented on stage (tough with a 5-man line-up) but what the live show lacks in grand instrumentation it more than makes up for in raw energy. you should go.
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I've got to see two shows on this tour,and blown away by both.Got to hang out with the guys in Columbia and haven't met a nicer group of gents,their energy blows me away,their music is such a breathe of fresh air.Wilco's management needs to get on these guys.

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