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Logging on from two locations

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There is already a thread on trouble logging in but I think I have narrowed down the source of my problem (different from that one), so I started a new thread. I visit the site from home and from my office, but when I first visit at the office after having browsed from home, I have to log in. Then when I return home, I have to log in again. I also have problems with posts appearing as new again even though I've read them and that coincides with browsing from the office after having logged in again. I have deleted the cookies from the board via the button the main page and via my browser directly (I use Opera). I have cleared my cache also. Neither helps. The problem seems to only occur with the change in location and started with the most recent upgrade. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks for all you do, Solace.

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interesting... i don't experience this between work and home here...


using Firefox (Win) at work and Firefox (OSX) at home)


happening for others?


edit: clear your cache & cookies again at both and try now, i might have found the issue

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