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New interview (in spanish)

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Ah this is excellent practice for my Spanish. I can teach pre-school in Spanish yet I struggle to describe/read descriptions of music in spanish. There seems to be a fascination with Arcade Fire going on internationally. I love when someone asked him if YHF was their creative peek. He says: "I hope not!!"

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my favorite poor translation:


Q. The evolution of your sound it touched ceiling in magnificent "to Ghost is Born". You fear to have exhausted Filo'n of the Wilco sound before the so high strip that you have put yourselves?


A. I am not scared.


New sig!

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Q: You are going to go to the concert of The Police when they pass by your city?

A: No.


Q (the second one about Arcade Fire): Hello Jeff, 2 questions: gustría to know to me if you have had the opportunity to now listen to the ARCADE FIRE that, with reason, as much is spoken of them. And if thus it has been, what they have seemed to you?

A: I believe that they sound like Dixies Midnight Runners!

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