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A Mom Can Brag, Right?

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So my 20-yr-old, Tom, has been working like a dog at both a job and a grueling academic schedule, with a neuroscience major. His classes this quarter were psychology, statistics, Biology, and Organic Chemistry. The Bio has a separate 3-hr. lab each week, and the Chem has a separate 4-hr. lab each week. Between these classes and his job, Tom has spent the quarter (UC's are on the quarter system....moves fast! :stunned ) pretty stressed and always somewhat sleep deprived. Poor kiddo.


Anyway, finals were this week, and although he had pulled some very respectable midterm grades, he was still really worried and didn't feel he'd studied enough, and spent last week cramming and falling asleep, exhausted, over his books and notes. Organic Chemistry was the class he was most concerned about, as well as the Biology. He studied until he needed to prop his eyelids open with toothpicks. He couldn't sit down without falling asleep! Thank God, his last final was today. I'm sure he'll sleep like the dead tonight. :sleep


He feels ok about his finals....the Bio and Psych haven't posted grades yet, but he got an A in Statistics. Yesterday he got the excellent news that he had done well on his Chem final, and had an A in that class also.


But it took tonight's news to bring him to his current state of giddy, still sleep-deprived, happy stunned-ness. He was bored and poking around on the computer, and noticed a message in his webmail he hadn't expected, from his Chem professor. Here's what it said:




You did extremely well and ended up with one the very best score of the class.


Every year I offer to 2 or 3 of the best students to join my research group to do undergraduate research, and so far most of them have been highly successful. If you wish to do so, just contact me.


Good luck for your future




:dance :w00t :cheers :hug :love :banana :bounce8 ok that's enough outta me.


Tom hasn't stopped glowing and grinning all night. I should add that this was a class of over 400 students, so he really outdid himself. The prof is no slouch, either....he's a very highly regarded Frenchman whose credentials read:


"Membre de l'Institut de France

UCR-CNRS Joint Research Chemistry Laboratory (UMR 2957)

Department of Chemistry

University of California"


All around, very, very cool. Tom's worried that he may not be able to fit research in, around next quarter's classes and work, but he's definitely going to pursue this if at all possible. And what an ego boost, to even be asked!


Did I mention that studies show that male children get their brains from their mothers? :brow B)



This at least accounts for where some of mine have gone. :yes

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Werd. Nicely done.

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Congratulations Tom! VC salutes you man. :thumbup I don't want to put the fear of God into you, but can adulthood be far off? :lol I have a feeling though that your future will be a bright one! All the best.

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That sounds pretty incredible. To tell you the truth reading that was kind of a kick in the rear for me, I turned 20 a few days ago and I have been a bit stagnating in transfer-land for the past 2 years. Thanks for sharing, you should be very very proud :yes

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bennyjump.jpgAll are making the joy jumps for you!annajump.jpg


It is in your power! Believe!


Remember brain boost from the raw herring! It has fierce effect!


For final extra vitality boost of the special blood rush (if stomach button flash of the Lady Agnetha does not have sufficiency), Lady Agnetha make the little wink to you. My friends, we all know effect of this, no?

Much strength and vigourous nature! All in your village will notice! Maybe better if you wear the loose fit trousers for next day or two. It is the Swedish way!


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I have a ton of pals who are Bio majors who had to go through Organic Chemistry (Or Orgo, as the cool people called it), and it pretty much kicked all of their asses. To do extremely well in it is really something special!



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Aww, congrats Tom!! Well done. :thumbup


Donna, you know how to grow 'em...hope you guys enjoy a little well-deserved family celebration (and hope Tom gets some well-deserved sleep to help replenish all those big brain cells in time for next quarter). :D


(Donna, I'm always quick to point out that mom to son smartness link when the boy does something intelligent...and then...well :shifty other times I keep that information to myself :lol :P Just kidding. Mostly. I always 'fess up to the mom to son love link though. :yes :wub [/mushy stuff] )

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Thank you so much, all of you.....I am, of course, still astounded myself. Chem wasn't one of my better subjects for at least the first couple quarters of g-chem (don't tell my o-chem professor!), and to be doing well in it is really a wonderful feeling. And to be doing that good, well, I find myself wondering if they sent it to the wrong guy. :lol I sent him an email back discussing my fears of not being able to do it this coming quarter (since I just got done giving away all my remaining time to my new job), and he told me to just come in and we'll discuss things. So cool.


And of course, mom gets credit for being the one who pushed me so hard all the times I thought I might want to give up. Thank you. :cheekkiss

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